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Your #1 Source For Self Development. Access the tools to become unstuck and finally move forward towards the life you’ve always wanted.

Life Goal Discovery Masterclass

An on-demand 4-part masterclass designed to meet you where you are now and accelerate your plans towards achieving your life goal.

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Self Development Group

A friendly Facebook community designed to support, inspire and provide actionable ideas towards your self development journey. Come and say hello!

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Growth Articles

We update our blog section on the website with interesting new articles from the world of self-development and wellness.

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The Self Development Coach

Through his popular Self Development programme, thriving Facebook community and highly-rated podcast, Johnny uses his own experiences to coach people who are struggling to become 'unstuck' and take ownership over their lives. He proves that by following his unique path to acceptance, even the "I can't do it" person can bypass overwhelm and self-doubt, and instead generate exciting breakthroughs as they move closer to building a life on their terms, that they love.

The Super Self Programme®️ 

The Super Self Programme is the proven self-development framework for anyone who feels they have more to squeeze out of life. You'll learn how to overcome your limiting beliefs, get out of your own way, and generate a plan to become unstuck in everything that you do.

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What's Included with the...

Super Self Programme®️

  • On-Demand Self Development Programme
  • Worksheets & Growth Tools
  • Over 8hrs of Self Development Education
  • Optional 1-1 Coaching Session with The Self Development Coach
  • Access to Our Online Facebook Community
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The Self Development Podcast

 It’s my mission to provide you, the listener, with inspirational value and learning surrounding self development and mental and emotional health. I’m lucky enough to have life changing conversations with people from all over our planet on this podcast. Their passion and mastery helps me spread actionable knowledge with the intention of helping people with their self development. Available on popular podcast platforms every other Tuesday.


Phil Learney

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