5 Things To Consider Towards Your Career Development

article Jun 18, 2021

I have had the pleasure of working with a varied array of clientele, and frankly I have found the learning in every experience. I have worked with the CEO to the executive, the entrepreneur to the small business owner and the university student to the master trainer. Each of these incredible people, from all walks of life, have offered me the unique opportunity to learn and grow as a coach. I have been fortunate enough to be supporting them whilst they make difficult decisions regarding their futures, both personally and in business. Below are the five fundamental similarities that they very often share that have helped them get ahead and become successful in their chosen field.

Start observing the people that are doing the job you want.

Most ambitious people have a person they look up to and aspire to emulate or at the very least, are doing the job that they want to do. This is important to realise, as they offer you an idea of what is required to either reach the same goal or acquire that job. Obviously, you must remain uniquely you, but there will be traits, behaviours and habits that will offer insight into the mind of the person you must become to get to where you want to be. It might be the books they read, the courses they attend, the company they keep, the company they don’t keep, the clothes they wear, the places they frequent or simply just the way they talk, listen and interact with people on an everyday basis.

Start behaving like the person you want to become.

It is unlikely that you will wake up one morning and find that you have become the person that you have always wanted to be. In order to become that person you must first decide who that person is, and in order to know this you must understand what core values they have. Their values will guide every decision they make. They might have strong integrity, be punctual, polite, they might put value on education and being well presented. It was once said that you can never be overdressed or overeducated. The training for becoming this person must start now, as what you practice grows stronger. Becoming that person will not happen by accident and will require deliberate practice every day. Once you are consistently behaving like the person you want to become, the last part will be that others will then start to treat you like that person.

Make sure your social media does not contradict the person you want to become.

We live in a world where it’s undeniable that social media is integrated into most aspects of our modern lives. We use it for networking, sharing information, marketing and building our brands. However, it is also a snapshot into our lives and many employers will take advantage of this and use it as a tool to build a picture of the person you really are against what you claim to be on your CV. Photos of you late night drinking on a Sunday night would give the impression that you may not be the most productive worker on Monday morning. Equally, inappropriate or controversial images or opinions can also affect how you are seen to represent a company and will certainly affect your standing within the company. Much like a website, your social media is the online representation of you as a person, and the images and words you use are online forever, and count towards building a picture of who you are to businesses, potential clients and colleagues.

Look into courses and seminars that will enhance your skill sets.

Being a lifelong learner is vital to becoming successful. As soon as you believe that you know it all, you are destined to stay exactly where you are. Continued professional development not only provides you with the tools and knowledge to become better at your job, but it also gives the impression to your employers or clientele that you are at the top of your game. Investing your money and time attending seminars held by industry leaders is a sure-fire way to put yourself in the room with the right people, that can positively influence your career path. Who better to learn from than the people at the very top of your chosen industry?

Start some self-care rituals that will keep you healthy.

Operating at a high level is not sustainable unless you are healthy. That is both physically and cognitively. Early morning cardiovascular work of 20 – 45 minutes is not only great for your heart and lungs but has been proven to improve cognitive functions and set you up for the day ahead. Resistance training three times per week will keep your muscles and bones strong and help boost your immune system to fight against illness. Staying hydrated throughout the day is vital for energy and cognitive function. Regular meditation and getting into a good sleep routine by having regular bedtimes and wake up times will help you recover from busy days, also using a zinc and magnesium supplement has been proven to help with achieving great REM sleep. Lastly and arguably most important, having a good gut health and diet plan is key to long standing excellent health. This can then be supported with a high grade multi vitamin, omega 3 and 6, vitamin D and a high-grade pro or prebiotic supplement. Staying holistically healthy is a game changer when it comes to success.

These are the most frequently observed habits and traits that I have seen among the many successful people that I have been lucky enough to work with in my 15-year career as a coach. Not only have I seen these applied to other people but over time I have made them a part of my life and have benefited from the excellent results I have experienced.