Do You Wrestle With Your Inner Critic?

article Jun 18, 2021

Are you facing challenges with your inner critic?

Are you… Missing out on opportunities?

Unable to attend certain events?

Struggling to build relationships?

Here are some tactics and strategies that I’ve found helpful.

You will judge others how you judge yourself.

If you find yourself being quick to judge others then it's no surprise that this is how you might judge yourself. Try Practicing compassion and empathy with others and you’ll teach your critic how to do the same with yourself.

Treat your inner critic like an old friend, who is only trying to help. 

If you ignored your friend or told them to shut up, resentment would begin to build. Better to listen, show gratitude and revert to trusting your better judgement.

Whether you have a child or not, we all agree that we tend to speak with greater kindness and supportiveness to a child. 

That’s an approach you could try with yourself. You wouldn’t dream of saying the things that your critic is saying to a child, it would be cruel, hurtful and damaging. If you wouldn’t say it to a child, do not say it to yourself!

What do you like about you?

I may not be good with computers, but I’m a great gardener. I’m not a keen cook, but am an awesome driver. I’m not great at maths, but love reading. We are good at some stuff, but not at others, that’s to be expected. What you can and can’t do, do not have to relate, it's just good practice being aware of the stuff you feel CAN do as much as the things we feel we can’t.

Identify the root of the criticism. 

There's a saying “there’s no smoke without fire”. Your inner critic can be harsh, unkind and judgey! But, you’ll often find this criticism has grown from a root of something needing your attention. Inner critics can nag on you because they want you to take action. Try focusing on what you are neglecting and take action in those areas.

Is this your inner critic or is this a limiting belief? 

This is an important question to ask yourself. If this criticism hasn’t grown from a root. Then it is most likely not based in truth and is a limiting belief that may need challenging. But you must be mentally prepared when challenging a limiting belief and it’s often best to seek out support from a coach.