Why It's Important To Understand Your Values

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What are values?

If we are living in alignment with our authentic self, what we value most in our life will become like a moral compass that guides our decisions between what we consider to be good and bad, and right or wrong behavior.

Where our values come from?

Our values mostly derived from the people you most admire, from parents and friends to musicians, actors and athletes etc. Your values can also be taken from the emotions we encounter from our experiences as we develop. 

The problems can occur when we allow people, places and things to condition us to value something that doesn’t align with our moral compass. Here are some things that I have discovered that have helped me realise and respect the importance of understanding your values.

It can steer your behavior in the desired direction 

Understanding your values can help you become confident about who you are as a person. Furthermore, it can guide and navigate your integrity so that as you grow and develop you can continue to stay aligned with your values. This may allow you to begin to behave in a manner that matches who you would like to become in your future.

Knowing what you value can install deep rooted confidence 

Identifying what you value can create a sense of security, reassurance, surety and stability in your life. This might be because you gain clarity about what you want and what’s important to you. When you are not living a life that is true to your values it becomes easier to surround yourself with people and get into situations that can make you unhappy and chip away at your confidence and self-esteem. 

It can aid you in confidently making decisive decisions 

Understanding what you value can help and guide you towards building self-trust when making decisions in your life. When you have a clear understanding of where your values are born from, it adds strength and stability to your foundational values and will create a solid base for confident decision making.

It can help you discover your purpose

I have found that having a purpose, not only for your life but for your day, has been one of the most fulfilling things that I could have hoped for from my self-development. Gaining an understanding of what I truly value has helped me figure out what I want out of my life. Being a husband, father and coach is my reason for getting out of bed each day, helping and supporting people each day is my motivation and knowing this is like a tonic to my anxiety.

It could guide you in your career choices 

When you gain a deep and unwavering understanding of what you value, it inevitably becomes easier to decide on the right career path. For example, if you are a charitable person who values helping others, then working for a debt collecting agency might not be the right career choice for you. As every day you will most likely feel feelings of conflict and unhappiness.

Identifying your values, in my opinion, is the starting point for any successful self development journey. To get started, why not try identifying 10 values that you believe are most important to you. Your list might include values such as, achievement, honesty, security,  loyalty or family, just to name a few. Why not start building your solid foundations?