So you’ve read a bunch of self-help books, watched some Ted Talks, been to some inspirational seminars, and, you follow anyone who’s anyone in the personal development world on social media. You’ve gained stacks of knowledge and perspective but you haven’t been able to get yourself to where you feel you deserve to be.

Or… Maybe you’re just feeling stuck, bored or constantly like the way you’re living your life is unsustainable and that you just want to escape, this is where coaching can work wonders. I have witnessed countless people from all areas of life become unstuck, get out of their own way and finally reach their potential and begin to live the life that they’ve always wanted.

Coaching offers clarity, accountability and support. It offers an ally, by making it two against one when it comes to battling with your inner critic, limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome and living with outdated values. I believe that most people can move forward in three sessions, so this is why I offer my 1-1 coaching sessions in blocks of three, that said, people often remain long-standing clients.

It would be wrong of me to believe that I have the answers for your life, but I’m confident that you do. Coaching works, that's why I have an application process, as I take great pride in how I’m able to help others but you must be ready to welcome the change you want into your life.

All change comes with anxiety but you must be ready, to be honest, brave and willing to face your future head-on. Everyone is capable of building their dream life, so if you feel ready to make that change and not grow old with regrets, then apply now and let's get started.

Coaching sessions are frequently chosen to accompany the Super Self Programme®️ to enhance accountability, insight and perspective.

I'm looking forward to being part of your journey and watching you grow.



3 Sessions


1-1 coaching will teach you to focus and stay on task

Create realistic, achievable and actionable goals

Improve your productivity and consistency

Reflect and redefine your values so that they align with the person you are, not who you used to be

Identify and overcome personal obstacles such as limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome

Discover methods for tapping into your confidence

Learn how to harness your motivation when you need it the most.


All sessions are client-led, 60-minutes in duration and are valid for 3 months. All sessions traditionally are held via Zoom video calling but in-person sessions are available. It's important that it's understood that I am not a counsellor or psychotherapist and encourage my client to use the past to inform the present and to become forward-focused.

Packages can be purchased in blocks of 3 (£270), 6 (£540) or 9 (£810).


Coaching Questionnaire

It is important for us both that I get to know a bit more about you before we start working together.